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Radebaugh Florist creates stunning bridal bouquets and wedding flower packages. We are a third generation, family owned and operated floral design firm. In addition to our flower shop, we also operate one of the nicest greenhouse operations in Baltimore. Our wedding flower specialists have years of experience working with many of the best wedding venues in the greater Baltimore area. We handle weddings and events of all sizes.

Our bridal bouquets are simply gorgeous. We offer stunning cascading bridal bouquets. They are extremely popular and are really beautiful. Our designers also create more traditional nosegay bouquets. The nosegay style has become very popular over the past few years. Nosegay bouquets can be created using a wide array of different floral varieties. For brides who are looking for something unique and luxurious, we also create custom designed, hand-tied bridal bouquets. Our award winning floral designers are some of the best in Maryland. You won’t be disappointed with the gorgeous custom wedding designs they create.



  • Round Bouquet: Characterized by its spherical shape, the round bouquet is timeless and elegant, often composed of a single type of flower for a unified look. The round bridal bouquet stands as a timeless choice among wedding floral arrangements, renowned for its classic and elegant appearance. This style of bouquet is characterized by its uniform shape, where flowers are meticulously arranged to form a perfect sphere. Often composed of a single type of flower or a harmonious mix of blooms, the round bouquet complements both traditional and modern wedding aesthetics. Its popularity can be attributed to its versatility, as it easily pairs with various wedding dress styles and themes. Furthermore, the round shape symbolizes unity and eternity, making it a meaningful choice for couples as they commence their lifelong journey together.
  • Cascade Bouquet: This dramatic, waterfall-like arrangement extends downwards, adding a touch of opulence and sophistication to the bridal look. The cascading bouquet is a stunning choice for brides who desire a touch of drama and elegance in their wedding aesthetics. Characterized by its waterfall-like flow of flowers and foliage that drapes gracefully downward from the bride’s hands, this style of bouquet is beloved for its romantic and luxurious appeal. It allows for creativity with various flowers and greenery, enabling a bespoke blend that complements the bride’s dress and theme of the wedding. The cascading bouquet is often chosen for its symbolic representation of abundance and fertility, making it a romantic and visually captivating choice that adds a fairy-tale quality to any bride’s look.
  • Posy Bouquet: Small and lightweight, the posy bouquet is perfect for brides who prefer simplicity and comfort. It can be easily held in one hand. The posy bouquet distinguishes itself through its meticulously structured form and the deliberate choice of blooms that convey a specific message or sentiment. Unlike the more traditional or free-form arrangements found in other bouquet styles, a posy bouquet is crafted with intentionality and precision. Each flower, chosen not just for its color and fragrance but for its symbolism, adds layers of meaning to the bouquet. This method of arrangement harks back to the Victorian era, where flowers were used as a means of covert communication. What makes the posy bouquet truly unique is this blend of aesthetic appeal and coded messages, providing a deeply personal touch that other bouquet styles seldom achieve.
  • Hand-tied Bouquet: Reflecting a more rustic and natural aesthetic, the hand-tied bouquet is arranged loosely and secured with a ribbon, showcasing the stems. Custom hand-tied bridal bouquets have surged in popularity for their personalized touch and the unique blend of elegance and spontaneity they bring to wedding aesthetics. Unlike traditional bouquets that are often more structured, hand-tied arrangements allow for a more natural, organic look, showcasing a variety of flowers and foliage that appear as though they’ve been freshly gathered from a garden. This bespoke nature not only allows brides to express their individual style and personality through their choice of flowers, colors, and textures but also ensures that the bouquet complements the theme of the wedding and the bride’s dress in a harmonious manner. The popularity of these bouquets is also tied to their versatility; they can be designed to suit any wedding, from the most laid-back outdoor ceremonies to the most extravagant and formal events.
  • Nosegay Bouquet: Similar to a posy but with more emphasis on greenery, nosegay bouquets offer a compact and structured option, focused on symmetry. Nosegay bridal bouquets are a classic and elegant choice that have stood the test of time, and their popularity among Baltimore area brides is a testament to their enduring charm. Characterized by their compact, round shape and the tight arrangement of flowers and greenery, nosegays focus on symmetry and color coordination, often featuring a single dominant flower or color theme. The allure of nosegay bouquets lies in their versatility and simplicity, making them suitable for a variety of wedding themes and styles, from traditional ceremonies to more modern celebrations. Additionally, their manageable size makes them easy for brides to carry throughout the day. The preference for nosegays in the Baltimore area may also be influenced by local florists’ expertise in crafting these beautiful arrangements, along with the availability of a wide range of flower types that flourish in Maryland’s climate, allowing brides to personalize their bouquets to match their wedding aesthetics perfectly.
  • Pomander Bouquet: A unique choice, this spherical arrangement is suspended from a ribbon, allowing it to be carried or hung as a decorative accessory. The pomander bridal bouquet, also known as a kissing ball, has become increasingly popular among Towson, MD brides for its unique and charming appearance. Crafted from a beautifully arranged cluster of flowers formed into a spherical shape, it is typically suspended from a decorative ribbon, allowing it to be elegantly carried by the bride or her bridesmaids. This type of bouquet adds a whimsical touch to any wedding theme, ranging from traditional to contemporary. Brides in Towson appreciate the pomander for its versatility and the ability to customize it with a variety of flowers and colors, matching their wedding palette perfectly. Its popularity also stems from its symbolism of love and unity, making it a heartfelt choice for the special day.
  • Biedermeier Bouquet: Known for its concentric circle arrangement, the Biedermeier bouquet is visually striking, offering a neat and organized appearance. The Biedermeier Bouquet, with its origins tracing back to early 19th century Europe, particularly in Germany and Austria, is known for its structured and compact arrangement. Characterized by its concentric circles of different flowers creating a tight, rounded bouquet, it was initially a symbol of simplicity and domesticity during the Biedermeier period. Despite its historical roots, the Biedermeier bouquet holds a timeless appeal that has seen its resurgence in modern floral design. Today, it is appreciated for its elegance and simplicity, making it a popular choice for weddings, formal events, and even as a refined statement in contemporary homes. Its seamless blend of traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics underscores its versatility and enduring appeal in the world of floral design.


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