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Radebaugh Florist is a multi-generational floral design firm. Our roots date all the way back to 1924, George W. Radebaugh established Radebaugh’s Florist & Greenhouses at its present location in Towson, Maryland just north of Baltimore. We offer FREE consultations for prospective brides and handle those meetings at our main floral design center located in Towson.

We create some of the most incredible wedding flowers you have ever seen. In fact, Radebaugh Florist has been voted “Best Florist” in Baltimore on numerous occasions. We can handle weddings and events of all sizes. Our award winning floral design staff can custom design the precise wedding flower package to meet your needs. When you purchase your wedding flower package from us you won’t be disappointed. Take a look at the photos below. You can see some of the gorgeous ceremony and wedding flowers we have created over the years.

We offer wedding consultation appointments, Monday through Saturday. Our team is generally in pretty early so consults can normally be scheduled as early as 8:30 am, or as late as 3:30 pm. Please note that our Saturday appointments tend to book up in advance, especially during peak seasons. Please call 410-825-4300 to schedule a consultation or click here to contact us online.



Wedding bouquets are a quintessential accessory for many brides on their special day, symbolizing beauty, love, and fertility. Traditionally, the bouquet complements the theme of the wedding and the bride’s dress, incorporating flowers that hold personal or symbolic significance. From the romantic allure of roses to the innocence of lilies, each flower chosen contributes to the overall aesthetic and meaning of the bouquet. Modern trends have seen brides opting for non-traditional elements such as succulents, feathers, and even herbs, showcasing their unique styles and personalities. The act of tossing the bouquet, a highlight for many, carries the folklore that whoever catches it will be the next to marry.

In addition to being a beautiful and meaningful aspect of the wedding, bouquets also have practical purposes. They serve as a visual focal point for the bride, drawing attention to her as she walks down the aisle. The bouquet can also enhance the overall decor and ambiance of the ceremony and reception, adding pops of color and texture.

Wedding boutonnieres are a traditional accessory worn by the groom and other significant male members of the wedding party, such as the father of the bride, groomsmen, and ring bearers. Typically pinned to the lapel of a suit or tuxedo, boutonnieres are small floral arrangements that complement the wedding’s overall aesthetic and the bridal bouquet. They often include a single flower or a small grouping of blooms, accented with greenery or other decorative elements like ribbons or berries. The choice of flowers for boutonnieres usually reflects the season, wedding colors, or personal significance to the couple, adding a touch of elegance and personal charm to the wedding attire.

Wedding boutonnieres have a long history, dating back to ancient civilizations like the Greeks and Romans who wore flowers as a symbol of love and fertility. In medieval times, knights would wear their lady’s colors on their sleeves or lapels during tournaments, which eventually evolved into men wearing boutonnieres on special occasions such as weddings.

Pew floral bouquets add a touch of elegance and charm to wedding ceremonies, transforming church aisles into picturesque pathways that lead to matrimonial bliss. These decorative elements typically consist of small, carefully arranged bunches of flowers, which can be customized to match the wedding’s theme or color scheme. Whether hung from individual pews with graceful ribbons, or positioned at the end of rows to define the ceremonial walkway, pew floral bouquets create an inviting and festive atmosphere, welcoming guests to the celebration of love and commitment. Their versatility in design allows for the incorporation of various flowers and greenery, making them a beautiful accent that enhances the overall aesthetic of the wedding venue. Some of the most popular flowers used in pew floral bouquets include roses, hydrangeas, peonies, and baby’s breath.

Alter floral designs for weddings add an enchanting touch to the ceremony, serving not only as a visual centerpiece but also as a symbol of the beauty and growth of new love. These designs range from lush, overflowing arrangements that frame the couple as they exchange vows, to more minimalist, modern installations that accentuate the space with subtle elegance. Incorporating seasonal and locally-sourced flowers can enhance the personalization of the ceremony, while thoughtful placement and design ensure the altar remains a focus without overshadowing the couple. The choice of colors, textures, and scents in altar floral designs plays a pivotal role in setting the mood and theme of the wedding, creating a memorable backdrop for this significant moment.

Pedestal floral designs have risen in popularity for weddings due to their versatility and striking visual appeal. Positioned on tall stands, these arrangements elevate flowers to eye level or higher, creating a sense of grandeur and elegance that captivates guests and provides a stunning backdrop for photography. Their height allows for unobstructed views across tables, enhancing the intimacy and conversation flow among guests. Furthermore, pedestal designs are adaptable to any wedding theme, from romantic and lush arrangements dripping with greenery and blooms to more minimalistic and modern compositions. This adaptability, combined with their dramatic impact and functionality, explains their enduring popularity in wedding décor.

Floral archways have become a quintessential element in modern weddings for several compelling reasons. Primarily, they symbolize a new beginning and the creation of a shared path for the couple, acting as a literal and metaphorical gateway to their future together. Additionally, their aesthetic appeal is undeniable; they offer a stunning visual focus point, enhancing the overall ambiance and providing a picturesque backdrop for photographs. The versatility of floral archways also contributes to their popularity, as they can be customized to fit any theme or color scheme, seamlessly integrating with the wedding’s style. Lastly, the natural beauty and the fragrant scent of fresh flowers create an enchanting atmosphere, making the ceremony even more memorable.






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